Automatic Gate Installations

Automatic Gate Installations Installing all sizes of Automatic gates, including Slide Gates, Swing Gates, Barrier and more. Commercial and Residential.

Many homeowners are faced with the need to install a driveway gate for their property. The gates are crucial for security and at times for aesthetic appeal. The cost of installation can be expensive depending on the requirements. For a more efficient security system, driveway gates need to be installed alongside other security systems that include surveillance cameras and security lighting.

Automatic gates utilized an installed motor to operate the gate. The motor is responsible for opening and closing the gate, and no manual operation is required. However, the gates attract a high cost for installation as well as maintenance. The mechanical gate demands regular maintenance in to operate efficiently.
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New Gate Installations

Automatic Slide Gate Installations

The sliding gates generally have a prolonged life compared to the bi-parting gates. The durability is attributed to their simple design. An automated sliding gate requires a single motor to operate it.

The two-dimensional movement of the side-scrolling gate permits further reinforcement of the gate. The support further improves the durability of the gate.

The sliding gates are cheaper compared to the bi-parting gates. In comparison, the sliding gates require less frequent maintenance than the bi-parting gates. Instead of swinging out like the bi-parting gates, the scrolling-gate retracts to one side when opening. This economizes on space.

The downside to the sliding gate is that they require more space on one side to allow for opening.

Automatic Swing Gate Installations

The bi-parting gates attract a high cost both in installation and maintenance. Like other gates, they are meant to improve security, but they are also aesthetically appealing.

Bi-parting gates come in a variety of designs to blend with your home. Bi-parting gates can be made to either scroll or swing when opening.

The scrolling design, move side-to-side away from each other to open. The swing type, are pivoted at one end, and they turn inwards to facilitate the entrance of vehicles.

Bi-parting gates require frequent maintenance, and they are expensive than the sliding gates. The swing gates need space because they need some wide radius that is determined by the length of the gate. Swing gates cannot be installed where there is limited space that will hinder their motion. Sloping terrain will also inhibit their action.

Automatic Gate Opener

Gate OpenersGlass garage doors are the high standard and often more higher in price compared to the alternative options, due to its high quality, design, visual impression, function ability, and security. Overall, it is worth it.

These doors are made out of paneled hardened glass which comes in many options such as color, opaque options, powder coating, see-through glass openings, and more.

The size can be ordered in either 16’x7’ or 8’x7’, and could be adjusted to fit some custom openings. Many manufactures are available, call us to inspect and recommend options for your new garage door installations. (888) 390-6416

Other Gate Installations

Manual gate is operated just by using your hands to open and close.

These gates are generally cheaper.

However, you need to alight from the car, open the gate, go back drive into your home and then go back and close the gate. This can be frustrating at times.

The advantage is that the maintenance of manual gates is relatively cheaper compared to its automated counterpart.

How to access

The automatic gates are operated via a control center that signals and activates the opening mechanism. There are varied options when it comes to selecting a controller. The options include cable or wireless keypads and controllers that are managed by telephone and remote.

Homeowners can select between card-based entry and keypad entry.

The keypad is more secure and is usually user-friendly and easy to use. As opposed to the card-based entry, the keypad minimizes the risk of theft and use by an unlicensed person to access your premises. The pin number used for the security of the gate is limited to the owner and any person the owner wishes to share the pin with. As opposed, to card entry, keypad entry boxes, and easy to install and program.

In the card-based entry, the gate is operated using a card. The card is unique for the system and can hardly be bypassed. The card-based entry is more applicable in business that issue cards to their employees. The card is thus very useful for multiple users. A card can be disabled if an employee


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