Automatic Gate Repair

Gate ServiceSlide, swing, at or at your place of business. We service all type of gates and gate components such as: sensors, remotes, welding, motors and more!

Along with convenience, gates add a sense of security. They serve as a deterrent to burglars, assuring the security of your family, business or property. Let Local Garage Door Repair and repair your gate so that you can have peace of mind. However, if your automatic gate ceases to function, you will no longer have that sense of security.

Call Local Garage Door Repair and Gate to have it repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Slide Gate Service

Slide gate is typically accompanied by an electric tug and pull chain operated or without motor, loop system..

Swing Gate Service

Swing gates are one of the most common gates for the driveway. Compact, simple and secure, these..

Gate Motor Repair

We repair all types of gate motors, including all swing gate motors, slide gate motors, barrier gate motors..

Gate Sensor Repair

Gate Sensors on a gate are an essential piece of technology that is responsible for safety of operating an automatic.

Tracks and Wheels

The basics of a slide or swing gate are the tracks and wheels. Most tracks will be used by a slide gate, rarely would a swing..

Remotes and Intercoms

Remotes and Intercoms are communication devices between user-user and user-computer. These require a clear signal..

Custom Gate Repairs

Other gate repairs are available, and they can include any kind of custom gate design or installation. Most common..

Maintenance & Warranty Services

Maintenance services are available for both Garage Doors and Automatic Gates.

Garage Doors: Electronics Diagnostic, Door+Motor Lubrication, 25 key point door inspection.

Automatic Gates: Electronics Diagnostic, Gate+Motor Lubrication, 15 key point gate inspection.

The limited warranty provides 90 days from the date of your repair your parts fail for reasons related to the original repair service when used normally with manufacturer guidelines, we will replace all parts only that failed due to defects in the material free of charge. (labor may be extra)


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Lawrence took my call right away. He came out first thing the next morning. And when we had to re-schedule, he came back the same day after he was finished with all his other appointments. He not only replaced the springs on the door that needed fixing, he oiled and inspected the other door, too. He was nice, friendly, competent, and quick! Oh, and his prices were great! He gave me a discount for no reason, too. 🙂

Martha Berg (