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How to know if you need to have garage door repair

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Garage Door Repair | 0 comments

Garage door repair can be do-it-yourself, but it is important to know when “how to” becomes something more serious.

What to do if the door has problems opening or closing

Many of the above, or all of the above could explain why your garage door won’t open. Not only that, but sometimes even if the parts and problems are located, the model may be quite different than what you’ve seen in the past making your own repairs somewhat complicated. Before you call in a professional to get the job done even faster help them by determining what type of repair you think you need. There are garage door spring repair, garage door opener repair, as well as garage door cable repair. All of these have certain requirements and they call can risk being a larger problem if not handled properly the first time.

Garage Doors that stick when opening or closing

When you look at garage door spring repair you need to remember that these doors are run on spring power. When a spring is let go from the tension that is holding something as heavy as a garage door in place- it can be very dangerous! A garage door is a powerful machine and when you begin tampering with the springs that are holding it up or down, you have to make sure that the process is being supervised by another person or preferably, a professional. Do not attempt you own garage door spring repair if you are just guessing at what to do. You may end up breaking it more than fixing it! That can cost more money.

Garage Doors that falls when released

Sometimes garage doors are opened with the help of cables and springs. These contraptions are equally tricky as the cables are run on a pulley, but still held tight thanks to a spring loaded system. Cables often look like garage door cable repair will be easy, but once you take the cables off the pulley track, putting them back together, tightly, with the same spring loaded power can be a pain. If you don’t get it back perfectly, now you simply have a need for garage door repair and re-installation. Also, if you do not fix the garage perfectly, you run the risk of the door falling when released and this is extremely dangerous.

Repairing the Garage Door Opener

If you are lucky, your problem might just be with garage door opener repair. These can be the most common type of problems and generally the easy to fix. Before you call someone, make sure that your garage ceiling sensor is plugged in. It sounds silly, but often the system will just come unplugged sometimes. You also must check the batteries in your hand held openers. These separate pieces get lots of wear and tear and need to be looked after often. If none of those seem to be the most obvious solution to the problem you may need to seek garage door repair anyway and an electrician may be brought in in assist the garage door specialist.


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