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Garage Door Cable Help

Broken Garage Door Cable Help

Determine if it’s a broken garage cable.

Garage door cables run along each side of the garage door, and typically winds up on a pulley system which is located on top left and top right side of the garage door. It is attached to the main bar (see images for reference.) The signs of a broken cable can be mistaken for other issues, as most of them result in a none operating garage door, but we do have some tips and tricks that would help you determine if it’s a broken garage cable.

You can carefully approach each side at a time and visually see if the cable has been unwound or appears to have snapped. This will require professional help, as door balancing and spring repair may be required. Cables should be neatly wrapped around the pulley, if you hear a loud snap during an open/close operation that could indicate a broken garage cable.


Key notes:

1. Visually inspect cable pulley.

2. Listen for loud snap sound.