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<h1>Check Garage Door Opener</h1>

Check garage door opener if it is faulty.

The garage door opener is the central unit that helps to assist the main garage door set up by pulling either a chain, belt, or a screw to lift or lower the door. This unit is typically located on the top of the garage door ceiling. It will be mounted by a set of extension bars, and the rail system which should run across the ceiling towards the main garage opening. Usually when the garage door opener goes bad your entire garage is inaccessible and the unit itself may not be responsive. You may visually see smoke come out of the machine, that would signify it’s a dead unit and it will be replace, or you can smell the burning of components coming out of the unit.

If your unit is operational, than you can try to reset it by carefully unplugging it from the socket. This will help to rest it back to original state. There also may be a reset button on the back of the unit which can also be tried, but you should probably refer to the owner’s manual first to make sure that you have one. Opener is also connected to sensors, which are made to alert the garage opener to emergency stop and lift mode, which can affect the opener operation, you can read more here. If nothing else works, you can always call Local Garage Doors Repair to get more help!


Key notes:

1. Visually inspect for smoke.

2. Burning smell.

3. Flickering lights, reset or unplug.

4. Refer to the sensors and remotes.