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<div id="intropicture"><h2>ABOUT OUR GARAGE DOOR REPAIR COMPANY:</h2><div id="serviceintropic"><img src="http://www.localgaragedoorsrepair.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/aboutus1.jpg" alt="About our Service" title="Services we provide."></div>Information about our garage door repair provider service, and information about the company as a whole. Call <a href="tel:888-390-6416">
888-390-6416</a> if you have any further questions.</div>
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Local Garage Doors Repair is an online website which acts as an advertisement for local garage door repair companies and independent garage door/gate repair technicians.
<br>We have been specializing in developing a system to search for qualified, professional, experienced, and most importantly local service providers that we guarantee will perform the requested repair or installation service on garage door or gate, at your residential or commercial property.
<br>We use a highly skilled communication system that runs background checks for all current participating service providers, by checking for their:
<il>1.) Years in service.</il>
<il>2.) Price rates compared to other local companies in the area advertised.</il>
<il>3.) Customer feedback / online reviews.</il>
<il>4.) Reliability and on-time professional response.</il>
<il>5.) Follow up on warranty work.</il>
<il>6.) Quality of parts used.</il>
<il>7.) Time and hours of operation.</il>
This system was developed by a group of internet savvy individuals in the early 2010’s, who have experienced a combination of personal unsatisfactory services from local service providing business.
<br>With that in mind, we took the opportunity to change the market, by avoiding the negative/irresponsible business, saving you both time, and money. Providing an alternative to the customer is important, as we and our families are also customers in way or the other.
<br>We hope that this type of system will spark a change from business that choose to practice unethical business tactics such as bait and switch, and encourage change towards better customer support, honest fixed prices, honorable warranty service, and over all smooth and pain free garage door repair and gate, installations, estimate or general over the phone information.
<br>Please keep in mind that no service technician is perfect, that is why we strive on customer feedback. However, we do try our best to perform quality checks prior to put their services on our website. If you have any further questions about our business, please do not hesitate to call our main office at (888) 390-6416.
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