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<h1>Garage Rollers Tracks</h1>

Signs of deteriorating garage rollers tracks.

Rollers and tracks are essential pieces of hardware that assure a smooth operating garage door. Time to time, these do fail, and fall apart. Due to age and high usage poorly maintained rollers have a high chance of losing their grease. Aside from loss of grease, is the dirt and microscopic debris that gets mixed in with the bearings. This combination automatically causes them to break, and resulting in a squeaky garage door during operation. It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether they are broken or not, as some are concealed in the track and bearing case. But you can try lubrication to see if it helps. If no change, its best to replace the garage door rollers.
Tracks can be one of the main causes to the roller failure. Low maintenance garage door will have many parts that are loose and need tightening. If not addressed, misalignment can occur. You can see if your garage door concaves during operation, if your garage door jumps, if you see the tracks move “loosely”.


Key notes:

1. Visually inspect tracks.

2. Listen for ‘squeak’ sound.