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Gate Sensor Service
Underground loop sensors replacements available, laser eye detection for slide gates and swing gates, all properties all manufactures services and replaced.


Most people would choose an automatic over a manual gate for convenience. There are different ways to open an automatic gate, including remote control, keypad, intercom/telephone and sensor. The last is the most convenient when exiting a gate because it opens the gate when it detects movement. However, sensors can also be risky because there is no control over who opens the gate. 

Gate Sensors on a gate are an essential piece of technology that is responsible for safety of operating an automatic gate.

They are usually located somewhere an object may pass, if that happens, the gate will stop closing/opening and prevent any accidents or injury. They are important to be maintained, cleaned, re-adjusted, re-wired, or even replaced; there is no cost on safety.

Other sensors are underground, on the driveway prior to gate, these detect whether or no there is a vehicle, which will help the motor cpu unit to stop the gate from opening. Call us to get your gate sensor repair, or maintenance.

Sensors must always remain in good condition in order to avoid accidents or serious injury. Local Garage Door Repair and Gate has a variety of sensor options to choose from. Our certified technicians can also replace broken gate sensors or sensor cables.