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<div id="intropicture"><h2>GATE TRACKS REPAIR:</h2><div id="serviceintropic"><img src="" alt="Gate Tracks Service" title="Gate Tracks Repair Service"></div>All type, for slide gate, v-tracks and wheels services available same day, concrete work, track balancing and straining services, new tracks and wheels available.</div>
<div id="sidetitle4"><h1>GATE TRACKS REPAIR</h1></div><br />
<div style="width:96%;margin-left: 10px;">The basics of a slide or swing gate are the tracks and wheels. Most tracks will be used by a slide gate, rarely would a swing gate use one, unless it’s a custom gate designed to follow a concave track although its rare, we can fix it all.<br>
V-Shaped tracks will use v-shaped wheels, like any wheel, it will be used numerous times and will require annual lubrication and debris cleaning. They usually last 8-20 years and rarely fail unless the gate itself has suffered a physical altercation, but nothing is perfect and made to last forever.<br>
Our company works with most popular gate material manufacturers, meaning that we will most likely have all the part to get the job done, call us today to schedule or for more information.</div>