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The guy who wrote Murphy’s Law surely owned a garage door and opener. While it sometimes seems that garage door openers have minds of their own, we can assure you that even a newer “smart” opener is just an inanimate object that responds to input.
So why does it always break down or jam when you are already late for an important meeting?…when your in-laws need parking spots in the rain?…when a prospective buyer is on her way to inspect your property in Beverly Hills Ca? It’s because you have created the perfect storm of garage door gremlins by neglecting your door and its components for years on end. Here’s a checklist of your garage door to-do list, if you don’t want to end up with nuttin’ when you press the button:

Garage Door
Garage Door Repair Beverly Hills CaYour garage door is in need of repair if it’s warped, dented or cracked. Sometimes a few panels can be replaced, but often it is cheaper to replace the whole door. A garage door repairman will know the best way to spruce up your door. Old wooden garage doors are gorgeous, but they weigh much more than a metal or composite door. If you replace your wood garage door with a lighter, sectional model, it will take the strain off your opener and springs, and it will last for decades of daily use.

Garage Door Opener
Garage Door Opener Repair Beverly Hills CaIt’s time to call a professional garage door technician when your garage door mysteriously rises by itself in the middle of the night. (Spoiler alert: it’s not as mysterious as you think). If you need to reprogram an opener code, do yourself a favor and call a pro; if not, you’ll waste a lot of time, and end up calling a pro anyway.

Garage Door Springs
Garage Door Spring Repair Beverly Hills CaIf your garage door is nearly impossible heavy to lift manually, you probably have a broken garage door spring. Garage door spring repair is an exact science, and a seasoned technician will fix your broken spring problem with the perfect replacement.

Garage Door Cables
Garage Door Cable Repair Beverly Hills CaThe only thing more dangerous to the layman than fiddling with garage door springs, is trying do-it-yourself garage door cable repair. Garage door cables must be installed, adjusted, and replaced by licensed professionals. Guys who attempt their own garage door cable repair have formed their own club – they meet in the emergency ward every weekend.
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I had an issue with the garage door while I was out of town. My wife called me that the garage door fell off its track. When I got home the garage was a complete mess, the springs snapped the cables came lose and 2 of the rollers came off. I called Local and they had one of their experienced technicians out within 2 hours, the service call was only 20 as with other companies they were charging me 65. Well long story short my garage door was fixed they were very professional. I had no issues with them, and I am extremely grateful!
Garage Door Repair Beverly Hills Ca Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
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