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Whether you need a garage door repaired or a driveway gate installed, Local Garage Door Repair in Costa Mesa Ca will meet and exceed your expectations. We handle service and installation for garage doors as well as driveway gates. Quality workmanship and customer service are our highest priorities. Our work is guaranteed so you can be certain we will not be done until you are highly satisfied with the final product.

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With a growing population in Costa Mesa, an Orange County location; known for being a costal city with constant moisture from the Pacific Ocean. For the residents of Costa Mesa, Local Garage Door Repair Costa Mesa Ca knows the upkeep of their garage doors and gates is important to maintaining the beauty of their community and the security of their homes. Our technicians carry the necessary parts and tools with them in their trucks so they can reach and repair most homes in Costa Mesa Ca within a couple hours. Even if the job requires parts from the warehouse, they will still finish their work within the day.

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Garage Door Opener Repair in Costa Mesa Ca

The machine which powers the opening and closing of the garage door is called the garage door opener. Garage door openers are almost always located on the ceiling of the garage. Most homes have a button on the wall of the garage that is used to operate the garage door opener. A remote control can also engage the machine, and many garage door openers can be shut off my emergency sensors near the door. This is an important safety mechanism for families with young children. Garage door openers use either belts, are screw driven or are chain driven. Whichever mechanism your garage door opener uses, we are able to successfully repair or replace the necessary components. Call us any time to discuss how we can help you.

Garage Door Spring Replacement in Costa Mesa Ca

The majority of garage door repair is related to the springs on the garage door. Torsion and extension springs are the two main types of springs. Torsion springs are the most popular springs used on garage doors today. Generally, torsion springs have a life span of 10,000 cycles of more. Extension springs are usually found in older garage doors. Torsion springs are usually found in sitting on a metal bar in the middle shaft of the garage door. Extension springs utilize a hooking system to connect to the garage door frame and are found on the two sides of the garage door. Whether your garage door uses torsion springs or extension springs, we can complete any repairs on your door.

New Gate Installations in Costa Mesa Ca

Every house is different, so every driveway and gate is different as well. We are able to install a wide variety of gates which will beautify your property and instill a sense of security for you and everyone who lives with you. We work with sliding gates, swinging gates, gates which lift, gates which pivot and other customized gates. We are happy to work with you to determine the ideal gate for your property. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation. Once you have selected the perfect gate for your house, our installation specialists will ensure you receive the best possible product in the least amount of time possible.

Garage Door Track and Roller Repair in Costa Mesa Ca

The smooth operation of your garage door is dependent on garage door rollers which are in good working order. Most rollers will last between 5-7 years. Over time, they can wear down or rust. The rollers are kept in line by garage door tracks. If your garage door is vibrating or out of alignment, your tracks may have become out of balance. If not corrected, a misaligned garage door and put unnecessary stress on other parts of the door. Your springs and opener can become damaged if the tracks and rollers are not keep in good condition. Our technicians in Local Garage Door Repair Costa Mesa Ca are able to evaluate, repair and replace all track and roller systems, ensuring your door will continue to operate smoothly as long as you own it.


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Lawrence took my call right away. He came out first thing the next morning. And when we had to re-schedule, he came back the same day after he was finished with all his other appointments. He not only replaced the springs on the door that needed fixing, he oiled and inspected the other door, too. He was nice, friendly, competent, and quick! Oh, and his prices were great! He gave me a discount for no reason, too. 🙂

Martha Berg (Trustpilot.com)