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Many people in Fontana Ca have a fear of leaving their garage door unlocked; this can often lead to people checking and re-checking their garage door before leaving for work, or before bed. Usually, aside from a vehicle, other useful family items – while not necessarily valuable – such as bikes or tools, are stored in garages. This need for increased security has led to the development of garage systems that can interact with your mobile phone to send you text messages about the garage’s use. These new garage systems feature extra security measures as well, allowing a property to benefit in mores ways than one by installing such a system. This article examines the benefits of installing a new garage door system.

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In The Know

Once you have set up the sync, it uses a laser beam operation that determines when the garage door is opened or closed. The system then issues a text message direct to your phone, informing you of this. When you are away, for example, at work, or on vacation, you will still get a text when the door has moved. This keeps you informed every time the garage door is used. If, for example, you are at work, and you know that your partner is also out of the house, and you get a text saying that the garage door has been opened, you are then in a position to investigate further. To receive the text messages, you only need install an app. Information comes with the system regarding how to install the app to your mobile phone.

Opener Lights

Most of the new garage door systems come with sensor operated lights. These are designed to detect when you arrive near the garage door, and provide light for you while you park. When you are away from the property, they can be used in conjunction with a timer for enhanced security. The lights will activate (when movement is detected) and stay on for a set time, before deactivating, or can be set to come on with an in built timer without the need to be motion activated. This can give the appearance of someone at home, and deter potential intruders.

The Garage Door

The actual garage doors themselves are usually made from reinforced metals. Due to the way they are lifted – many manufacturers use a system which lifts the garage door as a whole into space in the roof – they can be made from one piece of material, which offers increased toughness and security. The doors don’t need to roll, and can be strengthened because of this.

Local Garage Door Repair Fontana Ca believes that many property owners view installing a new garage door system as an investment, and a way to benefit from the advantages they can bring.


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