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If you own a garage door, Local Garage Door Repair Granada Hills Ca believes that you should be familiar with its basic parts. Many parts are easy to replace on your own. Some may require a professional. Even if you always call a garage door professional service, you’ll benefit from knowing this basic list of garage door parts. All of these can be found either at your local hardware store or from a garage door specialist.

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Garage Door Springs

Springs are one item that, if in need of replacement, are best handled by a professional. This part helps draw the door upward. Broken springs are very dangerous. Usually, extension or torque springs are used. Extension springs require more caution since they are more exposed and should be used in connection with safety cables.

Garage Door Seals

Located at the bottom of the garage door, seals are often made of rubber and help keep out the elements. Signs of wear indicate the need for a replacement.

Garage Door Rollers

Rollers look like large pins or screws. A bent roller means the garage door probably won’t open. These small parts still require great care.

Garage Door Pulleys

Pulleys are small, round metal disc-like objects. Cables wind around them as the garage door is drawn up.

Garage Door Cables

Flexible and under great stress, garage door cables run top to bottom of garage doors. They carry most of the weight as the door is raised.

Garage Door Handles and Hinges

Obviously, handles are used to manually open a garage door. They are often installed on automatic as well as manual doors in case the automatic function dies. Again, handles should be used with care, especially if the garage door is heavy. Hinges are metal parts used on paneled doors to keep them joined together and enables them to bend during raising or lowering of the door.

Garage Door Struts

In contrast, struts provide support for the door panels as they are moved up or down. These are metal strips on the sides of the garage doors.

Garage Door Tracks

Garage door tracks are simply what the door rolls up and down on. They are galvanized metal and run up and down on either side of the door.

This is just a basic run-through of the various garage door parts. If you are uncertain which part may be broken or in need of replacement, be sure to contact a professional service and avoid injury to yourself and further damage to your door.


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