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Garage Door Repair Huntington Beach Ca There are three main types of garage door services: maintenance, repairs, and installation. Garage door companies can offer all three. Many provide emergency services as well. As a home resident, Local Garage Door Repair Huntington Beach Ca knows that good knowledge of these three services can save you time and money.

Garage Door Maintenance
Maintenance of garage doors is essential for safety. Many companies in Huntington Beach Ca offer safety inspections that ensure your garage door and opener is in working order, and can catch problems before they start. Regular maintenance services include cleaning, lubrication, painting, and other preventative measures. These services protect the life and quality of your garage door.

Garage Door Repair
Sometimes even with regular maintenance, garage door parts can break down. Exposure to the elements or simply age can result in broken or damaged parts. Parts such as the track, panels, coils, or garage door springs may need repair, and a professional garage door serviceman can detect, repair, or replace these parts, so your garage will look and function like new again. Professional servicemen can also offer better, new parts that improve your garage door even beyond its previous best working function.

Garage Door Installation
Garage Door Installation Huntington Beach CaIn cases of severe damage or age, it may be time to install a completely new garage door. A functional garage door is paramount for a useful garage. It can also greatly improve the curb appeal of a house. Garage doors range from modern, to carriage house, to traditional in style and come in a variety of materials. Modern garage doors usually feature clean, simple lines. The carriage house style recalls days gone by, typically built from wood and featuring decorative hinges and handles. Traditional styles are usually paneled and of metal materials. Garage door openers are often part of the installation process as well.

Using these services ensures your garage door will always be in working order, and will effectively protect your car and other garage contents from the elements.

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I had an issue with the garage door while I was out of town. My wife called me that the garage door fell off its track. When I got home the garage was a complete mess, the springs snapped the cables came lose and 2 of the rollers came off. I called Local and they had one of their experienced technicians out within 2 hours, the service call was only 20 as with other companies they were charging me 65. Well long story short my garage door was fixed they were very professional. I had no issues with them, and I am extremely grateful!
Garage Door Repair Huntington Beach Ca Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
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