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Garage Door Repair Placentia Ca

Garage Door Repair Placentia CaLocal Garage Door Repair Placentia Ca knows that a garage door is made of two main components, the opener and the door itself. The metal tracking on the walls is what the door moves on. A heavy spring provides the power. It is usually pretty simple to repair a garage door. Check the metal tracking and mounting brackets that keep the tracking to the wall. If these are not snug tighten the screws. Be sure to work inside with the door shut to prevent injury.

Check to be sure that the tracking is all properly aligned. When not properly aligned, loosen screws and tap gently with hammer back into position. Be sure to clean and dry the tracking completely. If the tracking appears severely damaged, they should be replaced.

Garage Door Springs:

Garage Door Spring Repair Placentia CaThe most common repair to be done on the garage door involves the spring. The spring provides balance and lifts most of the door’s weight. It allows the door to open and close with ease, either by an opener or manually. It is highly recommended to get a professional with the proper training and tools. Attempting to replace the springs on your own can result in severe injury due to the extreme tension the garage door springs are under.

Garage Door Openers:

Garage Door Opener Repair Placentia CaThere are three main types of garage door openers. The screw drive opener rotates on a threaded steel rod that moves the trolley, allowing the door to open and close properly. Because the screw drive opener is made with less components, the lifespan may be longer due to less maintenance. The belt drive opener uses a belt to move the door. It requires more maintenance than the screw drive opener but when installed properly can last a long time. The chain drive opener is the most commonly type of opener installed. Just like the name, it uses a chain to open your door by pulling a trolley to move the door up or down. This type of opening is not only affordable but reliable as well.

Garage Door Cables:

Garage Door Cable Repair Placentia CaThere are three basic kinds of garage door cables for a garage door. Safety cables use an extension spring system to help lower the risk of injury or damage is a spring fails. It attaches at both ends of the door and runs through the center of the extension spring. Extension spring door cables are used for doors which the springs are located at the sides of the track. Torsion cables are attached to the bottom of the door using a loop at the ends. These cables have to be carefully would in a certain way to work correctly. The length of the cables are determined by the height of the door itself. If you need further assistance, call our office in Placentia Ca.