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Replacing Your Garage Door Spring

No matter what size or shape your garage door spring, our expert team in Local Garage Door Repair Porter Ranch Ca can repair and return it to a fully functional condition. We work with door spring components of all kinds, from extension to torsion. Torsion components are actually the most popular type on the market, because they’re very hard wearing and will last a long time.

A typical, high-quality torsion spring is able to withstand more than 10,000 cycles of use. They come in a wealth of different sizes and you can pick them up in multiple quantities, depending on the requirements of your current garage door.

If you want to find the old spring on your garage door, you’ll find it positioned on a length of metal, close to the center of the shaft. Extension components are a little different. They are a more classic, traditional choice, but they can still be very useful. You’ll find yours in two places; on both sides of the door. They are attached to the frame with a special hook type device.

Whether you have a torsion or a spring component, we can repair or replace it for you in no time. All you have to do is give our team a call in Porter Ranch Ca and tell us what you need. We will arrive with the right tools to get the job done fast.

Fixing Your Garage Door Opener

The primary mechanism needed for lifting the door is the opener. It is a small device that is usually situated on the roof of a garage, just above or off to the side. Your garage door opener might come with a remote so that you can operate it from inside the car. If it does have a remote, the machine will contain little sensors.

There are three popular varieties of garage openers on the market. They are; screw, belt, and chain drive products. Each is powered by a compact motor, but they all work in slightly different ways. All three have advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth doing your own research when trying to select the best fit for your needs.

You can, of course, give us a call and ask for advice. Our experts are always happy to help customers with their inquiries.

Repairing Your Garage Door Cable

It is really important that both the spring components and the door cable are in a good condition because they work together to keep the garage door functional. You’ll find your garage door cable (or cables) on either side of the torsion (or extension) spring pole. They are attached to a pulley system so that the door opens when the correct forces are applied.

The spring and the cable need to be compatible, as balance is essential. If the weight isn’t balanced as it should be, you won’t get a smooth movement. Or, the door could actually become dangerous and insecure on its tracks. If either cable looks like it might be getting a little degraded, it needs to be replaced right away.

Restoring Your Garage Door Track and Roller

The final component that you need is the garage door track and roller. It makes sure that the whole structure moves really smoothly and doesn’t judder when opening. This component often wears faster than the others, so keep an eye on the condition of yours. Make sure that you always buy high-quality products and keep them free of rust.

The average track and roller will last around 5-7 years. The track holds the rollers within a tight frame and prevents them from slipping off the simple backwards and forwards path. However, because garage doors are very hefty things, over time, the rollers can still slip out of place. If this happens, repairs are needed, because the door will start juddering and shaking when you try to open it.


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Lawrence took my call right away. He came out first thing the next morning. And when we had to re-schedule, he came back the same day after he was finished with all his other appointments. He not only replaced the springs on the door that needed fixing, he oiled and inspected the other door, too. He was nice, friendly, competent, and quick! Oh, and his prices were great! He gave me a discount for no reason, too. 🙂

Martha Berg (Trustpilot.com)