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Garage Door Repair San Jose Ca

Garage Door Repair San Jose CaAn automatic garage door comes with many movable parts and a lot of weight, and it is an obvious thing that with time this door will start to age, and things will start to malfunction. And as time goes by, reliability and safety will start to suffer.
One of the parts of the garage door that can wear and tear is the spring system, this is because the springs are the ones who do almost all the work of lifting for you. This system can get damaged and with time you will have to repair it.

There are two kinds of springs that are installed in most of the garages. The Torsion springs help to keep your door perfectly in a state of balance. The Extension springs are there to assist in raising the garage door.

Though the Torsion springs are much pricier, but they are very stable, and last longer and does pose a lot of danger in times of breakage. This Torsion springs also give more fluid when the door is being lifted. Extension springs are normally found on older garage doors.

Garage Door Spring Repair San Jose CaMost garage door springs have a life expectancy, and if it reaches they will normally start to wear and tear. This lifespan is measured in cycles, with door coming down and going up being a cycle. Though most garage doors are of different kinds, but they mostly have a 10,000 cycle life expectancy. If the spring reaches its life expectancy then it will automatically break.

Tests that you can run to determine if your garage door requires repair.
If you move your garage door maybe in almost halfway position and you find it is not working well, if for example you move it by hand and find that it is uncontrollable, then that is a sign of problems, and needs some repair. Secondly, if you push your door in a halfway position, and then it starts to sink instead, again this shows that your springs can no longer support your door in its position and hence requires some repairs.

If your door remains firm in the halfway open position, meaning it cannot return to its original position, then you need to call a garage door technician to repair it.
You can also check manually if your door springs need replacement. Just look at the springs and if you see gaps in the coils, then call a garage door repair technician in San Jose Ca.
One thing to note is that other times the garage door springs do not need to be replaced since they can simply be adjusted. If you need further help, call Local Garage Door Repair San Jose Ca.