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Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita Ca

Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita CaSanta Clarita Ca is the 3rd largest city in the Los Angeles area, which means that many people are home owners with different styles and sizes of garage doors and gates. Business also occupy a good chunk of the city, and security / curb appeal is important as important as it is to a residential location. We provide many garage door repair services; we encourage you to surf our website for more information, but for now, we provided some information about the process of how we perform some of our services.

If you are planning on performing a garage door installation, you will have to start by taking your old garage door down. This is a job you can do without professional help, though it is a good idea to have at least a couple of people working on it together due to the fact that garage doors are so heavy. Remember, you’ll want to leave your old garage door up until you are ready to install the new one so that your garage will be protected at all times.

Remove the Tension Springs
Garage Door Spring Repair Santa Clarita CaThe tension springs are what make it possible for you to open and close your garage door without a problem. This is also the most dangerous part of removing a garage door, since if it snaps loose it could cause serious injury. To avoid this, start out with the garage door in the open position, which will relieve most of the tension on the spring. Next, lock the door in place using a clamp on the garage door wheels to ensure it doesn’t accidently fall. Finally, find the screws at the end of the garage door tension spring, and remove them.

Removing the Hardware
Now that the tension spring is down, there is nothing that is holding the garage door in the open position except the clamp you put on. You will need to remove the clamp to allow the garage door to go to the open position so it can be removed. Have at least one or two people holding the garage door in place when you remove the clamp, if something goes wrong, contact us at Local Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita Ca. Once removed, allow the door to slide down carefully. Once down, you will see the center brace along the tracks. This brace will have a pin in it, which holds it in place. Remove this pin with a pair of pliers. This will allow you to take down the top hinges and rollers.

Remove the Garage Door

Garage Door Installation Santa Clarita CaYou can now begin removing the garage door, section by section. Starting with the top portion of the door, simply lift it out along the tracks. Each section will still be heavy so lift it carefully and set it aside. Once the garage door is removed, go through and remove any other hardware that you won’t be reusing, such as the tracks and center brace.

Now that the door is down, you can begin your new garage door installation. Make sure all of the parts of the old garage door are out of the way so you don’t get them mixed in with the new door parts.

• Place the chains connecting the mortar to the central shaft holding the garage door. A belt can also achieve the same result, but a chain works best with reinforced doors. Ensure that the beam is permanently welded to the top most section of the door. This ensures that the door slides smoothly and does not jam.

• Next, construct support systems on the walls. Remember, the garage door will lay horizontally under your ceiling when it is opened. Hence, support rails are required to hold the door from falling. Measure the length of the door and measure them on the ceiling. According to the door size and weight, drill four to five holes on both sides and two holes on the ceiling and place small rails that will be welded onto the main rail.

• Along the garage door, frame should also be fitted with rails. These rails should reach the ground. This acts as a security measure because it reinforces the door from the inside.
Finally, it is important to know that proper maintenance is an essential factor to keeping this door. If you need further help, call Local Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita Ca.