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Garage Door Repair Simi Valley Ca

Garage Door Repair Simi Valley CaYour garage door should run as smoothly and silently today as it did when it was first installed, whether that was five years ago, or 25 years ago. If your garage door has become noisy and rickety, you are the one to blame. A little common sense and regular garage door maintenance will keep it on track for many years to come.

We know that most homeowners in Simi Valley Ca rarely think about the condition of their garage door springs and opener, until something goes wrong. Why wait until your cable gets loose or your spring pops? Show your garage door you care with this simple plan: Stop, Look and Listen.

Inspect Your Garage Door
Garage Door Track Repair Simi Valley CaStop neglecting your faithful, lovable garage door. Stop taking it for granted. All we ask is that you stop for five seconds, after you get out of the car, and observe your garage door going down. Do the sides of the bottom of the garage door reach the ground at slightly different times? Does the garage door tracks seem to shake when the top panel rounds the bend? Local Garage Door Repair Simi Valley Ca believes that these are red flags that you need garage door repair, sooner than later.
Stop letting your kids slam tennis balls at the door, or lean heavy items against it. Remember that an automatic garage door system is a delicately balanced and finely tuned mechanism.

Components of a Garage Door
Garage Door Cable Repair Simi Valley CaLook closely at your garage door components as the door descends. Is it poetry in motion, or a rickety roller coaster? Observe the garage door cables and springs on either side of the system, and confirm that they’re equal and moving in tandem. If you notice that one of your garage door cables twists more than the other as they pull the door up, or that one of your springs is loose or hanging in two pieces, call a garage door repair company immediately. A slight hitch in your git-along now can lead to a major garage door repair bill down the road, if you don’t heed the warning signs.

Loud garage door
Garage Door Opener Repair Simi Valley CaYour ears will tell you when your garage door needs maintenance, because any change in the sound of your garage door system is cause for alarm. Do not assume that your door is getting noisier just because it’s getting older. If you hear no sound when you press the button, you have an opener problem. Most reputable garage door opener repair specialists always try to repair your opener before they recommend replacing it. A metal-on-metal scraping sound denotes a serious problem with your tracks or pulleys. If your garage door seems to “slip” on the way down, have your cables inspected and tightened.

If you stop, look, and listen to your garage door regularly, and you schedule a professional inspection and lubrication every year, your garage door will thank you for many decades.