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Garage Door Repair Tarzana Ca

Garage Door Repair Tarzana CaYour garage door is the largest moving part in your house in Tarzana Ca, and is currently used as the main entrance to most homes. So why do you treat your garage door so badly, pelting it with sports equipment all summer, and leaning heavy stuff against it every time you hold a yard sale? If you show your garage door some love every once in a while, it will serve you obediently for decades.

Leave Garage Door Repair to the Professionals
There are many tasks around the house suitable for do-it-yourself tinkerers, but garage door repair is not one of them. Garage door spring replacement involves enough pent-up tension to seriously injure or maim an amateur installer, which is all too often the case. Your job is to look and listen for any changes in your garage door performance.
Does your garage door shake like a midway roller coaster every time your third panel rounds the bend? Do you have to hold the button down the whole time your door goes down? Is your garage door opener noisier than a garbage disposal? You should call a professional garage door company such as Local Garage Door Repair Tarzana Ca at the very first sign of trouble, because the problems will only get worse – and more expensive to fix.

Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair Tarzana CaGarage door springs are designed (by law) to last through 10,000 up-and-down cycles, which is about three years of use for the average family. When you pop a spring, it’s noisy and inconvenient, but not a big deal, if you call the right repair company. They can tell you if you need to replace both springs, and they can find out why your spring broke in the first place.

Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair Tarzana CaA reputable garage door technician will always try to repair your opener before suggesting you replace it, because garage door openers are built to last 20 – 25 years. If you need a new opener, you have your choice of screw-drive (the most powerful), chain drive (the most common), or belt drive (the quietest). If your master bedroom is above the garage, and you have teenager kids, you’ll want to choose the chain drive because it’s noisy enough to let you know when the kids get home. You also have the option of buying a new “smart” opener that lets you monitor and control it from any smartphone in the world.

Garage Door Cable Repair
Garage Door Cable Repair Tarzana CaGarage door cables are the real muscles that lift and lower your garage door. When a cable snaps or jumps its track, you have to immediately stop using the door and call a professional. A loose cable leads to an unbalance door, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Never attempt to re-fit your garage door cables by yourself. It may look simple, but it’s extremely dangerous.