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Garage Door Repair Ventura Ca

Garage Door Repair Ventura CaIf you’re like most people in Ventura Ca, you rarely think about your garage door, until it breaks. But the garage door is likely the main entrance to your home. It rises and lowers about 1,200 times a year, rain or shine, for approximately $2.70 worth of electricity in total. Yes, your garage door and opener are the last great bargains of home ownership. To keep your garage door running smoothly year after year, Local Garage Door Repair Ventura Ca recommends to print out these maintenance tips, laminate them, and post them near your garage door button.

Garage Door Opener
Garage Door Opener Repair Ventura CaDo not overload the garage door opener, i.e. by riding on the garage door, or trying to raise the door when the lock is engaged.
Do not replace your garage door opener when it breaks down, unless it is over 15 years old. Openers can be repaired, and they’re expected to last for decades.
Do unplug your garage door opener from the wall outlet, if it seizes up or starts humming loudly.
Do call a professional garage door opener repair specialist at the first sign of trouble, because there are no user serviceable parts inside a garage door opener, ever.

Garage Door Springs
Garage Door Spring Repair Ventura CaDo not try to move your garage door, either manually or automatically, after a spring has snapped in two. Only a licensed and trained garage door spring technician can safely handle the high tension.
Do not allow a garage door repairman to disappear for a few hours, while he tries to locate a replacement spring. Reputable garage door repairmen bring everything with them, especially a wide array of garage door springs.
Do inquire about extended-life springs, for extended peace of mind and many years of uninterrupted garage door service.

Garage Door Cables
Garage Door Cable Repair Ventura CaDo not try to “re-string” a downed garage door cable yourself. It requires the precision, brute strength, and experience of a seasoned garage door cable repair guy.
Do not place any objects against or near your garage door cables.
Do make sure your garage door and cables are perfectly balanced and adjusted once a year.

Garage Door
Garage Door Installation Ventura CaDo not use your garage door as a goalpost, yard sale lean-to, or hover board race finish line – it bruises easily.
Do not spend too much money trying to patch up your old, battered garage door because buying a new door usually costs about the same.
Do have your whole system checked out anytime a vehicle or heavy object bumps against it.
Do repair, repaint or replace an old garage door when it’s time to sell your home, as it can make a 3%-5% difference in your asking price.