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Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills Ca

Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills CaGarage door tracks
and equipment used at the garage door and helped in the smooth travel of your garage door. It aids in the movement of the garage door whenever you are moving it up or down. The tracks can be galvanized for the protection against the rust. When Local Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills Ca knowledge comes to the garage door tracks, there are various kinds. Below are some of the garage door tracks.

Standard Lift Track
Garage Door Track Repair Woodland Hills CaThe standard track lift handles the most residential application on the garage door. The track lift consists of some vertical track that rises about 8 inches from the height of the garage door. There is also some curved section that turns back to the remainder of the horizontal track.
When they have a combination, they will allow the door section to move and rise on the upwards to a horizontal position slightly above the garage door.

Vertical Lift System Track
In most cases, the vertical lift track is very common in industrial and very many commercial applications. The lift consists of a track that will rise upwards vertically just like the standard lift track. But one of the unique things with this track lift is that it is pitched increasingly to move away from the interior wall and at a time up to a distance of between 12-18 inches. The extra space that is left is used for the assembling of the springs. The high lift brackets span the range up to the point of expansion.

High Lift System Track
The high lift takes a combination of the above two lifts. The features of the vertical track and the horizontal but it is shorter than the standard lift. There is also a high extension that varies with the length of the application or the user needs. On the residential use, it starts with the high lift that can be utilized in the conversion of the garage door to raise it high. The high lift is commonly used today.In the commercial application, the extension of the tracks is on the rise for the utilization of the tall door. If you need more information on garage door repair, call our local garage door location in Woodland Hills Ca.