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Garage Door Panels Service
Many sizes, colors, textures and finishes. Using high quality materials, we can bring back your bent or broken panels back to life. With additional custom paint, we can replace your panels in no time!


The main parts of the garage door are the panels. This is what people see, and it represents your style and your personal touch. Local Garage Door Repair and Gate can fix damaged garage door panels without replacing the entire door, helping you to save money. 

With our experience in repairing various brands of garage doors and all of their components, Local Garage Door Repair and Gate is the best in the business. 

Garage door is build out of few several garage door panels. The size of the panels are usually 16’ if it’s a double wide garage, or 8’ wide if it’s a single garage door.

The main problem with the panels, is that they are exposed to the outer elements such as rain, extreme sun/heat, snow and wind. Outer shell will take a beating over time and loose its curb appeal. Nicks and dings, accidental car bumps, will cause the panel to bend and concave to the point that may cause the garage door panel to stick and push the rollers out of the tracks.

Our technicians will, in certain cases, disassemble your garage door instead of opening it by hand/opener for safety reasons and to replace garage door panels. We have many options and styles available to fit all styles, textures, and accessories. All it takes is a phone call to have us perform a replacement of your garage door panels.