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Slide Gate Service
We service all components of the slide gate, from motor to the rails in the gate it self by welding. We have new gates available for replacements.


Sliding gates require less space than their swinging counterparts, which allows for more space when parking vehicles, storing garden equipment, or for a little landscaping. Sliding gates also function better in sloping terrain. Most importantly, sliding gates cannot be forcibly open as easily as swinging gates. 

Slide gate is typically accompanied by an electric tug and pull chain operated or without motor, loop system, safety sensors, and sometimes an intercom for large or private residential or commercial areas.

Those are some of the most common parts that we repair, but not limited to day to day services such as slide gate wheel replacement, gate posts, welding and painting. Knowing which part to replace or repair takes a duo of skilled gate repair technicians to diagnose all electronic components and visually inspect any slide gate defects and their counterparts.
If any broken gate repair part that cannot be repaired, than the technician will recommend the best replacement option.

Local Garage Door Repair and Gate and Gate provides sliding gates in a variety of materials and styles.