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Swing Gate Service
Swing gates are our specialty. We have same day motor replacements, sensors, diagnostics and welding available. Call today!


The most popular types of gate are those that swing open. They are hinged on posts, and may open inward or outward. Sometimes, they are even powered by automatic gate openers. Over time, the hinges will rust, bend or break due to both use and the elements. 

Swing gates are one of the most common gates for the driveway. Compact, simple and secure, these gates are easily operated by an elbow swing motor that is connected to make both sides, creating an illusion of a swing in a western tavern swing doors.

These gates are equipped with wheels for smooth roll away swing when operated by hand or motor, some swing gates are without, it mostly depends on the weight and size of the gate. Frequent use can put wear and tear on the wheels, causing them to crack or wear out, affecting the speed of operation and unnecessary constraints on the operator.

Electrical problems, such as opener malfunction, remote control issues, telecom issues, sensor failure and more can also occur.

It is best to call our team of professional technicians who will inspect and diagnose the problem and propose an affordable solution to a broken swing gate.